What is Credit Counseling?

credit counseling

Whenever we receive phone calls at our office a lot of people are confused about what services we offer and if we are able to help them with their problems. As a resource for those who are not aware of what credit counseling is or not entirely sure what we do to help you, this is for you.

When you come into our office for a credit counseling appointment you can expect to discuss:

  • Your monthly budget
  • Your debts (which could include pulling a credit report)
  • Solutions to help fix your personal situation

First, the monthly budget, this will include all of the income you receive versus how much you spend on everything for your household during the month. This will also include all payments you need to make to be in good standing with your creditors.

A counselor will also go through your debts with you and if you have lost track of how much you owe or where all of the accounts are, then the counselor will have you pull a credit report, which you can do yourself for free by going to annualcreditreport.com.

Lastly, the counselor will make suggestions based off of all the information they receive during your appointment as to what would be best in your situation. This could be that you should enroll in our debt management program or that with stricter budgeting that you can manage all the payments or something else more tailored to your situation.

If any of this information sounds like it would be beneficial to your situation then feel free to reach out to us and schedule an appointment by calling 316-265-2000 or toll free at 888-257-6899.