Back to School Savings

Back to school season looks a little different this year. Kids may be going back to the traditional classroom setting, or they may be going virtual this year, but the one factor that has remained the same is their need for school supplies. Here are a 10 ways to save on back-to-school costs no matter what the school year looks like.


  1. Shop around the house

Take a look around the house to see if you have any supplies leftover from last year. The previous school year ended abruptly so you may have some leftover supplies that still have life in them.


  1. Check the dollar stores

Some supplies can be found at the Dollar Store for just a dollar. Things like index cards, ink pens, and loose-leaf paper are great things to pick up for cheap at the dollar store.


  1. Monitor sales

With the school year being online for some, your child may need a computer to be able to complete course work. Instead of worrying about saving 10 cents on glue, watch out for sales on big ticket items like a computer or tablet.


  1. Set a budget

Before you set out shopping, make a plan for how much you are going to spend. This will help you to avoid impulse buys and make sure you have enough for everything you need to buy.


  1. Don’t take children

Leaving the kids at home will help to avoid impulse buying. Get a list from their school and stick to it.


  1. Shop Labor Day sales

If school starts later for your child, try shopping the Labor Day sales. This will help you save on clothes and tech items.


  1. Pack a lunch

You can save big by packing lunches for kids to take to school. To save time and frustration in the mornings, pack lunches on Sunday night and just have them waiting in the fridge to grab and go.


  1. Stock up

Grab supplies in bulk if your child is likely to run out halfway through the year and the item is on sale. Things like pencils and paper are easy to store and are great to have when they run out.


  1. Check the dress code

Be sure to check the dress code before you purchase clothes for school. This will save you money on not buying unnecessary items, but will also keep your child from being disappointed by not being able to wear their new clothes.


  1. Shop at resale shops

If your child is going back to the traditional classroom and they are needing new clothes, consider shopping at resale shops such as Goodwill or Plato’s Closet. This will save you money, especially if your child is still growing.