Kansas Home Buyer Education

Buying a home is an exciting time, but without the necessary information, the process can sometimes be a little intimidating.

Homebuyer education is key in helping homeowners understand the process from when they first decide they are ready to purchase a home to what their responsibilities are after they have the keys to their new home.

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka has compiled a list of standards of what an effective homebuyer education/counseling program should contain:

1.   Homeownership Pros and Cons

2.   Budget

3.   Goal Setting and Money Management

4.   Pre-Qualifying and Loan-Worthiness

5.   Credit Repair and Debt Repayment Options

6.   Down Payment, Closing Costs and Moving Expenses

7.   Saving Techniques

8.   Principal and Interest/Tax and Insurance PITI

9.   Purchase Options

10. Mortgage Variables

11. Insurances

12. Purchase Process

13. Avoiding Delinquency/Priority of House Payment

14. Home Maintenance

15. Refinancing

2018 Kansas Homebuyer Education Classes

Kansas Homebuyer Education Provider List

Another tool that may be helpful for some homeowners, allows someone to check for possible federal, state, and local programs that they may qualify for based on income and expenses. The questionnaire is very brief and available to everyone.


The following is a list of homebuying resources:

Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka Community Programs

HUD - links to resources for Kansas homebuyers

Kansas Housing Resources Corporation - Kansas programs available to current and future homeowners   

USDA Rural Development - programs available to 1st time homebuyers    

Federal Trade Commission - mortgage and real estate publications

Kansas Insurance Department - information regarding homeowners/storm/flood insurances

How Much Home Can You Afford? - on line calculator