What types of services do you offer?

Budget counseling, credit report reviews, reverse mortgage and delinquent mortgage counseling, debt management plans, first time home-buyer education, and counseling and education to meet federal bankruptcy requirements.

Is there a fee for the counseling appointment?

CCCS charges a fee ONLY for appointments pertaining to Bankruptcy or Reverse Mortgage (HECM) counseling and 1st time Home Buyer Education.

How long does the appointment last?

Most appointments will average 60 minutes, with additional time needed for clients pursuing Bankruptcy.

What are some of the benefits to joining the Debt Management Plan (DMP)?

Benefits include: one combined monthly payment, reduced monthly payment amounts, reduced interest rates and a reduced debt payoff date.

What types of debt can be included in the DMP?

Typically the DMP will include credit card and collection accounts; i.e. medical, utility payday loan debts.  The plan will not include secured accounts or student loans.

How will I know what is happening with my accounts?

If you were receiving regular statements from your creditors, you will continue to do so and CCCS will send monthly statements as well. You also have the ability to log in online to view your DMP activity.

How do I make my monthly DMP payment?

Payments may be made directly through an ACH form each month or you may mail in a Certified Check or Money Order to PO Box 843, Salina KS 67402.