What’s the Compromise?- Food

We are back with another, “What’s the Compromise?”. This week, we will be providing ways to save money on food:

Meal Planning

  • Plan your meals based on what is on sale in the flyers.
  • If a certain meat is on sale, try to incorporate it into several recipes throughout the week.
  • Consider planning at least one meatless meal per week.
  • Plan meals that can be used for leftover lunches throughout the week; this will keep you from getting fast food throughout the week.

Grocery Shopping

  • Make a list and stick to it. Do not make impulse purchases that will ruin your budget.
  • Speaking of impulse purchases: leave your kids at home if possible. They will not want to stick to the list.
  • Only buy produce that is “in season”- it will be cheaper that way.
  • Purchase off-brand or store brand food items. Usually you cannot tell the difference.
  • Make a budget and stick to it! Don’t forget to factor in sales tax based on your state.

Eating Out

  • Look for coupons or sales going on at restaurants.
  • Order water instead of a soft drink- it’s free and healthier!
  • If the portion sizes are big, consider splitting an entrée.

What suggestions do you have? Contact us today at 316-265-2000 if you need help with budgeting or if you have any questions!