Tracking your Expenses

track expenses, budget

Are you wanting to start a budget or maybe you already have one but are having trouble sticking to it? One of the best ways to get your spending back on track is to keep track of what you spend.

We have developed a very helpful spreadsheet (click here for access) that lets you track what you spend everyday of the month as well as place it into a category such as insurance, food or clothing. If you already have an established budget you can always change the headers to match what you have already established.

All you have to do to operate the spreadsheet is just plug in how much you spent for what on the date you paid it. For example, if your rent comes out on the first of the month and is $600 you would put that amount in the same row as 1 (represents the first day of the month) and then under the appropriate column which in this case would be “housing.”

The point of this exercise is to see how much you are spending per month and on what. You are able to see what the problem in your already established budget might be or be able to see what spending you can cut out when you create your budget.

After completing your tracking spreadsheet make sure to check out our blog on developing your budget. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to our office and we would love to assist you.