Tips for Fuel Savings

fuel savings


Right now everyone is looking for a way to save money and cut expenses, including fuel. While it may not be possible or necessarily in the plans to purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle, our staff came up with ways to save on fuel with the vehicles we do have.

Did you know that by driving aggressively and over the speed limit we use 30% more fuel? Think about that the next time you fill up your tank.

A common issue is most people don’t check the air pressure in their tires and with weather changes as dramatic as they are; this isn’t something to overlook. Take time every other week to check the air pressure and ensure all four tires are inflated properly.

Another tip is to clean or change your air filter if it’s been awhile since it’s last service. A clogged air filter will cut down your vehicles fuel economy.

Many of us like to roll our windows down when going down the highway but at high speeds you will actually cut your fuel economy by 10% or more if you have your windows down because it will increase the drag in your car. Rule of thumb is over 50 mph you need to roll them up.

When approaching a stop light or stop sign coast to a stop rather than using heavy braking. When traveling utilize the cruise control and get away from constantly changing speeds.

Once winter is over take all the extra items out of your trunk such as blankets and shovels. Added weight means less fuel economy. In summer limit the A/C usage rand try to remember to turn the A/C off at least 5 minutes before arriving at your destination.

Quick Tips

  • Slow Down and Drive the Speed Limit
  • Change or Clean the Air Filter
  • Make Sure Your Car is Properly Maintained
  • Properly Inflate all Tires
  • Take Extra Items Out of Your Trunk
  • Car Pool and Don’t Make Unnecessary Trips
  • And consider using gas points from your local stores.

Here are some helpful websites for more tips on fuel economy: