How to Save Big by Eating at Home

A great way to save money every month is simply to eat at home more, and dine out less often. Meal prepping and having dinners around the table at home enables you to free up your money for other important things. Eating at home gives you a lot of variety when it comes to easily making straightforward, but appetizing meals, which can save you even more with the right shopping practices! It is possible to reduce your monthly food bill by 50% when following these simple steps.

Find the Best Deals

Take the time to find all discounts available to you. If there is a store near you which offers better deals on certain items, then make it a point to buy those items at this store. Use coupons whenever you can and if they are for practical food items, find a way to incorporate them into your meal plans. Quality is important, so you should not always look just for the lowest price point. However, most of the time you will find brands that are comparable in ingredients, although one will have the better price.

Start Cheap

Some staple foods are very affordable. Pasta, beans, flour and rice are typically extremely inexpensive; they also have a long shelf life and serve as the foundation for many meals. Fresh produce can also be very cheap when you buy in season, buy from local farmers, and or when you are able to find savings in weekly deals. Most veggies can be frozen for longer shelf life.

Avoid Spending Traps 

 Deals in savings are great! However some of these great deals could cost you money. If you grab something off the shelf just because it’s on sale, and never end up using it, you’ve just wasted that savings.

Ignore End Caps 

Companies spend lots of money in order to have their items placed in the easiest to see spot. If you see a product which catches your attention, ask yourself if it’s on eye level. If it is, look around for lower placed and lower priced items. 

Buying in Bulk

Yes, buying in bulk can save you money. However, price per unit is not the only important factor.  You may find a savings on a creamer that is twice as much volume at a lower cost per ounce. This could be a great deal if you use a lot of creamer. If you do not then you paid extra to use the exact same amount. 


Buying frozen foods may be tempting; however, it is not always the most convenient or tastiest option. Especially, when preparing the frozen entrée involves you following more than five steps in the instructions. Since you’re taking the time to purchase the food, and prepare your meals, why not make them in a way which can add up to big savings for you.  Crockpot recipes, one skillet meals and casseroles are very simple and easy cheap alternatives. 

Make a list 

Make a list and stick to it. This list should be of items you were planning to use in your meals in the following week.  However, there will be times when great deals come along, which are too good to pass up. This is a great time to stock up on those items. This could allow you to save big on your budget in the future. 

In conclusion, following these simple steps can have a huge impact on your overall budget. This will allow you to spend money on paying bills and adding to savings. Once you get in the habit of cooking at home every night, you will be surprised how much better the food can be. Give it a try and you will be amazed.