30 Ways to Beat Boredom This Summer

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  1. Go roller skating or ice skating
  2. Go on a long walk around your neighborhood
  3. Go to the bowling alley
  4. Go to the lake or pool
  5. Volunteer together
  6. Play arcade games
  7. Go see a drive-in movie
  8. Play a sport outside
  9. Go on a bike ride
  10. Play board games
  11. Have a paper airplane flying contest.
  12. Go see a matinee movie
  13. Plant a garden outside
  14. Build a blanket fort in the living room
  15. Play hide and seek
  16. Visit your local library
  17. Have a spa day
  18. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
  19. Visit a free local museum
  20. Put together a puzzle
  21. Visit the humane society and play with the animals
  22. Make homemade ice cream
  23. Go to the zoo
  24. Learn how to do origami
  25. Make fruit popsicles
  26. Learn how to make a new recipe
  27. Have a movie marathon
  28. Go camping in the back yard or at the lake
  29. Go fishing
  30. Invent a new game to play together