About Us
Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Inc. was established in Salina, Kansas in 1985 and has expanded to having a full time office in Wichita. Counseling services are offered free of charge. CCCS also offers low cost educational programs geared toward the prevention of financial difficulties and is a HUD certified housing counseling agency.

We are dedicated to providing confidential and professional financial counseling and debt management, to aid and rehabilitate financially distressed consumers, and to foster community consumer education on family money management, budgeting, and appropriate use of credit. We provide education and counseling regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, social position, or financial status.

CCCS is a not-for-profit community service organization and funding for services come from a combination of public and private grants, donations, client fees, and creditor contributions. Creditor contributions are usually calculated as a percentage of payments made through a Debt Management Plan—up to fifteen percent (15%) of each payment received. However, accounts with creditors will always be credited with one hundred percent (100%) of the amount paid through CCCS. Since creditors have a financial interest in getting paid, many are willing to make a contribution to help fund our agency and we will work with all creditors, regardless of whether they contribute to the agency or not. Please do not hesitate to contact our agency if you have any further questions about our services and programs.

Additional information regarding our services provided can be found in our annual report. 

Debt Management Plan
Our mission is to aid in the prevention of financial difficulties through education and to offer a Debt Management Program (DMP) for the orderly liquidation of debt. DMP fees include a $10.00 per account set up fee (maximum set up fee is $75) and a $3.50 per account monthly maintenance fee (maximum monthly maintenance fee is $40). Our Debt Management Programs are voluntary programs that serve the dual role of helping you repay your debts and helping creditors collect the money owed to them.

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