Debt Management Program

When more assistance is needed, CCCS offers a Debt Management Program or DMP. The DMP assists consumers in developing a repayment plan that is acceptable to their creditors and aids consumers in developing a budget that is livable and realistic within their available income. Our DMPs are voluntary programs that serve the dual role of helping consumers repay their debts and helping creditors to receive the money owed to them.

DMP fees include a $10.00 per account set up fee (maximum set up fee is $50) and a $3.00 per account monthly maintenance fee (maximum monthly maintenance fee is $20). The State of Kansas strictly regulates the credit counseling industry and fees.

If an individual or family opts to participate in a DMP to help in the recover from of over-indebtedness, CCCS must have complete cooperation and commitment.

  • DMP clients are asked to provide a copy of their credit report;
  • Current creditor statements are requested every 3 months;
  • Clients are asked to make their payments on time

Current DMP Clients

You now have the ability to look at your account online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   This site will allow you the ability to change your contact information and view accounts we are paying on and monthly statements.   To get started you will have to contact your counselor for  the PIN number on your account and then follow the link below to view your account.

Online Account Access