Bankruptcy Counseling

Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Inc. is approved to provide “Pre-Filing Bankuptcy Counseling,” to Kansas Consumers only or those filing within the State of Kansas per the October 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act.

This service is provided both in person at offices in Salina and Wichita as well on-line and over the telephone, which-ever may be more convenient for you.  The Certificate that is required as part of the bankruptcy process will be issued once the counseling is completed.

The purpose of the counseling is to have a certified counselor go through your budget in a one-on-one setting and explore all the options and alternatives that may be available in your financial situation, including bankruptcy.  It is also to help you analyze current financial concerns and to help you prepare for the future on a different path.  Once this session is completed you will receive your certificate and be able to take the next step.  

The Counseling process will average about 90 minutes in length no matter which way you complete it.  The cost of the Online counseling is $30 for a single person or a couple.  The fee for the in-person or telephone counseling will be $50 for a single person or a couple.  Fees can be waived if household income falls under 150% of Housing and Human Services policy guidelines.  Documentation may be required to have your fee waived.

*If you take the course online, once you have completed the online portion, someone from our office will be contacting you to schedule your 30 minute follow up by phone. This is to meet the EOUST requirement for the length of the counseling session and verify some of the submitted information.*

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Printable budgets forms are also available 

Counseling Forms—pdf document

In order to determine if your fee for this course can be waived, please contact our office at 316-265-2000.

**Approved to issue certificates of completion of a budget counseling session and of a personal financial management instructional course in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not assure the quality of a provider’s service.